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2012 Shikar-Safari Wildlife Officer of the Year

March 13, 2013

Congratulations on being selected as the 2012 Shikar-Safari Wildlife Officer of the Year! Gord Kirbyson has worked for Manitoba Conservation since 1989 in various seasonal positions throughout the province. He was hired as a Natural Resource Officer in 1997 in Gypsumville District. He was transferred to Lake Winnipeg District in the spring of 2004 and he returned to Gypsumville in the fall of 2005 where he has worked ever since. Gord's abilities as an officer were recognized early in his career. His initiative and attention to detail have been rewarded with countless successful investigations. No better example could be given than his work on Lake Winnipeg.

Over the course of Gord's career he has accepted the challenges that the commercial fishery offers and has done an excellent job of learning this aspect of his duties. He has taken the time and made the effort to learn the concerns from the management, social and enforcement perspectives. This has resulted in Gord being one of the leading sources of information and a key component to the enforcement efforts made by Manitoba Conservation to legislate the commercial fishing industry on Lake Winnipeg.

Gord is a highly motivated Officer who has an extreme dedication to his position and duties. He takes his responsibilities very seriously and is always ready to put in that extra effort to serve the resource and resource users. In the summer of 2007 Gord and another officer unselfishly risked their lives to save 8 individuals stranded on Lake Winnipeg in deadly conditions. This demonstrates Gord's character and dedication to the job that goes above the call of duty.

Gord has the ability to communicate with the public in a way that very few officers can. He is a true gentleman and very approachable to the public. Gord provides clear messages and prevents problems by organizing and attending meetings with commercial fishers and outfitters. He attends meetings with the North West Interlake Water Management Association. In this capacity he assists them with various stream restoration projects and flooding issues.

Gord provides skills and expertise to young officers in a clear and accurate manner. He promotes a positive and professional attitude when dealing with the public.

Gord has great common sense and makes smart enforcement decisions. He has the ability to predict violations before they occur from studying records, history and conducting patrols. Gord has a genuine love for the job and desire to be on the land protecting what he believes is important. He donates endless amounts of personal time to ensure the district runs efficiently and to provide a superb service to the members of the community. He is widely respected for his work and knowledge by his peers and resource users.

Officer of the Year

February 5, 2013

Gerry Rosset has been a Natural Resource Office for over 28 years. During that time he has always been a positive influence on the other officers that he has worked with. Gerry always conducts himself in the most professional manner and gives each complaint and inquiry his full attention.

Gerry has been involved in many wildlife investigations throughout his career. He has conducted several investigations into illegal activities while stationed in the Interlake, Eastern and Western Regions. Gerry's persistence and dedication in conducting investigations has resulted in significant penalties on investigations into the illegal taking of moose, elk and deer. His commitment to professionalism and detail has gained him respect and compliments by Crown Attorneys that have prosecuted his files.

Gerry has been a very active participant in the provincial Fire Program. He has been involved with an Incident Command Team for many years and has worked his way to being one of the team leaders by demonstrating his knowledge an experience in dealing with dangerous and stressful situations. Gerry has been an active participant in the implementation of the Incident Command System in Manitoba and continues to be part of its future development.

Gerry is one of those officers that gains respect through his actions. His approach to all situations demonstrates his leadership abilities and professionalism. Gerry has mentored many junior NRO's, ARO's and Park Patrol officers. Many of these officers, who have gone on to other agencies or have become NRO's. attribute their success to having been able to spend time with and learn from Gerry's experience and knowledge. Gerry is a very patient and thoughtful teacher. His own personal morals become reflected in a positive attitude and approach to how his mentored students conduct themselves in the field.

Gerry has been a very active member of the MNROA. He has served as Director, Vice-President, President and now Past-President. During Gerry's time with the Executive of the Association he promoted the Association in a professional manner and initiated discussions with Manitoba Conservation to the mutual interests of each party. Gerry currently commits his time and effort to the betterment of his fellow officers by being part of the Officer Safety Committee. His background and sensible approach to conflicting issues is a benefit to the Committee and all Manitoba Resource Officers. Gerry has also volunteered to organize activities with the North American Game Warden Museum. The 2009 Memorial Ceremony held at the Museum was a success in great part to Gerry's efforts in assisting to organize the event and contact officials and the public so that they could attend.

Gerry is an excellent example of what every Resource Officer should strive to achieve. His dedication and commitment to his fellow officers and the resources are deserving of praise. It is an honour to for the MRNOA to select Gerry as this year's "Officer of the Year".

Manitoba's First Game Wardens

Feburary 1, 2013

After World War II Manitoba was establishing its resource management and enforcement presence. Conservation Officers, Game Wardens, Forest Officers or Fish Inspectors! Regardless of their title, these men broke trail for the next generations of Manitoba natural resource law enforcement officers.

This particular group of Game Wardens worked the northern part of Manitoba circa 1952. They were stationed in places like Norway House, God's Lake Narrows, Ilford, Thompson, Cranberry Portage and The Pas to name a few. They were tough, rugged men traveled by dog team and snowshoes in the winter. Open water travel consisted of canoes or the inferior boats and motors of the day!

These men were tasked with writing the book on northern Manitoba's Registered Trap Lines! The RTL boundaries they drew up are still used some 65 years later!

We owe them, their colleagues and their families for their dedication and commitment to the early years of natural resource law enforcement!


Thank you to Jay for the photo and P.A. Rod for providing the names of these fine men!

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January 29th, 2013

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